When Your Expectations are as High as a Tower

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A lot of times, people tend to be very idealistic about the person they want to be with for the rest of their lives. They tend to have a long list of the characteristics or appearance of the one they call “Mr. Right” or “Ms. Right”. They tend to have a checklist every time. They seem to want everything to be perfect.

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Well, I am even guilty of that myself… Let me just share to you some of the standards I set for my “Mr. Right”

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1.) I wanted someone who has  a long nose.

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I don’t know why but for me, the nose is really the most attractive thing that I can see in a guy. Maybe because I have small nose? I guess so. Even most of my crushes because have long noses. And whenever my friends will be all like, “He’s handsome, right?” And I will just tell them, “Yeah, he have a long nose” Because for me, it’s the most handsome thing a guy can have. :D


2.) I wanted someone who I can share my values with.

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I mean, I want to have someone that have the same religious belief than I do because, it is really my dream to have someone to go pray together, sing worship to God together, go to church together and stuff like that.


3.) I wanted someone who is good in writing.

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Because, I just so love the feeling of receiving letters or if someone will make a poem for me, that would really be HEAVEN for me. :) I love writing poems. I actually turn into a poet whenever I am in love. And I want someone to also do the same thing for me. My tears would definitely start to fall if someone would do that to me.

Here's one of the poems that I made :)

I just love you
Everything about you,
Every single detail of you.

I just love you
The way you look at me
How colorful life is, you have let me see.

I just love you
The way you project your smile
Would make me stare and stop for a while.

I just love you
The way you say my name
One thing i'd want more than fame.

I just love you
The way you say "I love you"
Would make me fall deeper in love, too.

Because i just love you
And nothing in this world i wanna do
But love you eternally, until where life lead me so.


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4.) I wanted someone who is full of surprises!

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I may not be able to say it more often or I may deny saying it but yes, I do love surprises! Surprises like I’ve seen on videos like their boyfriends are surprising them by giving their girlfriends a necklace when she least expect it. Surprises like, they will leave flowers in their girlfriend’s front door and leave a note there about how much they love their girl. I want someone who’d do stuff like that to me too.


5.) I wanted someone who will be there with me all the time.

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Every time I can see couples walking hand in hand together, I could really say,

I want it like that

I want someone who can be there with me all the time. Someone who would be there to fetch me and take me home even after just one call. I want someone who can be with me to share my happiness and also at the times I get sad. (Well I guess, most girls would really want to have a boyfriend like that)


And the list goes on and on and on and on…

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That will be quite a long list if I will still put them all here. In the present, looking back at those list would even make me laugh and kind of feel bad about myself because, I should’ve have done that. My boyfriend actually met most of the things I have in my list (lucky for me). LOL! :D

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This blog reminds me of the movie that we (my boyfriend and I) watched the last time. The girl in the movie has all these expectations in a list for someone she wants to be with. While it was nice that she organized and figured out what she wanted in a man, she left out one crucial ingredient. She forgot to mention that she wanted someone that she can actually love. Leaving out that small detail showed exactly how flawed her list of expectations for someone really was. She kept on evading this guy because he didn’t meet the standards she has on her list though she actually felt like she was falling in love with him.  It wasn’t until she did away with her list that she finally found the true love of her life and if not that, at least someone that comes pretty close.

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The thing that I wanted to point out here is that, never set your standards for the person you want to be with. Because the moment you get too focused on your list, that might be the time when you actually missed the chance to be the right guy.


One thing I have learned is that it is always good to just follow what your heart says. In this world full of expectations and standards everywhere,  you are only setting yourself up for failure. That doesn’t mean just settle for the first person that comes by and says “yes” however, think carefully of what you want and are looking for but don’t forget that we are all humans each with our own unique voice and identity. In the long run, choose who makes your heart skip a beat. Choose the one you love and fight for it.


Get that list of standards you have, put it in the trash can and burn it and you’ll have the “happy ending” you have always wanted.



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 Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you have learned something from this blog. :) See you again in my next blogs! God bless you! :)

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