Where is Love ....???

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Have you been through what feels like millions of men/woman looking for that right person never being able to say i feel i can settle down with this one. Maybe the key to your heart is waiting patiently some can't do it some say they can't but only have never tried. Maybe you won't a man/woman and you won't your perfect little family now right now we'll hate to say it but it's not that easy. They don't just evaporate out of thin air. Patience have it everyday do what you need to be doing yes sure go out on dates try making it work with other people and then see if they may be that special someone or they may just make you won't to quit. We'll don't, don't ever give up you could give all your love to someone to only have them rip it up in pieces right in front of you. Patience is key remember that and you may someday get to finally lock that key to your hurt never being hurt again.

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