Where Is The Truth Going?

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Where Is The Truth Going?

I have a kid reading in KG-1 standard. I am too much panic thinking about the future of my child. I am also suffering from indecision or hesitation on some points.

What should I teach my child, to speak the truth? Becoming an honest person? Or should I teach him to be technical and diplomatic? Should I teach him to tell lies when it is necessary for career or success or personal benefits?

“Always speak the truth”, I have learned this sentence in my elementary school. My parents and my superiors also taught me that at home, “Do not tell lies, become an honest man, everybody loves an honest man, blah blah blah”

Is it happening in real world today? I am too much confused. I saw even the persons of highest level of a country such as Government, high officials, scholars and many more are telling lies and doing diplomacy very easily for their own benefits as well as group benefits, and it is happening in international level too.

The truth is being masked by the lie day by day.

I am now very much concern if one day when my son will be grown up and ask me, “Dad, where is the benefits of your truthfulness?”

I don’t know what will be my answer. Can you tell me please?


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