Where we stand as a Pakistani?

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I bet many of us already have understood about this blog by its topic, yes! 
I usually think that why is that we are being so judgemental that a person who is being so ethnocentric has been given a title of conservative and a person who is trying to support bit of other's culture is labeled as Pseudo Liberals.
As a Pakistan it hurts my feelings that we are loosing the stamina to accept each others point of view. If we go through the historical background of Pakistan, before 1947 and after breakdown of colonialism,we are still psychologically bounded towards that complexity which made us hate the westernization. It not like we hate it and negate it. its like we hate it, negate it but still follow it. We can call it a hypocrisy or a double minded.
May be we are too much confused or folded in identity crises.  May be? We want American visa but we hate it, we want to wear jeans but we hate their culture, we want to learn English but we hate their language! 
In our minds, we believe that there's no one better than us and everyone needs to follow us, but really? How many of you think rationally before posting a comment? Do you give space or have a open heart to value other's opinion?
I want you all to think and answer how to get this complex off of our heads? 

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