Which Is Worse For Productivity--Pain Or Vicoden?

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I really wasn't in the mood to have to conduct this study in order to share the results with you all here. But, since I've been forced to, I'm sorry to report that the results are inconclusive.

Trying to write with my teeth, head and face throbbing was almost impossible. There's nothing like a sharp pain in the middle of a sentence to make you lose your place--even when you're reading.

However, there's nothing like a Vicoden to keep you from forming a coherent sentence in the first place. With this stuff, I could lose my place in the middle of a phrasal verb. I really don't know how Dr. House did it. It must be a matter of developing a tolerance. I haven't even developed a tolerance for the health care system yet, much less for the drugs it prescribes

I've only been able to post in the morning, before the pain gets too bad and the drugs kick in, and feel badly that I haven't responded to anyone's kind comments. I am so hoping that these antibiotics and allergy medication on steroids (literally) will knock this out soon. I miss eating and sleeping almost as much as bubbling.

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