Which of the Favors of your Lord will you Deny?

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The beauties of earth and mysteries of sky

Allah the Creator who spreads evenly this sky.

Night swallows day & morning breaks after night.

His set rules & order non can change or deny.

Pouring water over valley & showering rain on plains

The lord hurling the clouds to the Oasis in desert dry.

Behold ! the colourful flower & variety of orchards green

Uncountable blessing of Allah to acknowledge & glorify.

Bounties of enlightenment & treasures of knowledge.

Unversed and ignorant man needs His guidance to edify.

Garden of Bliss,His rewards for the foremost in faith

Hell He created for the sinful there to regret & crucify.

Quranic verses I must recite that need not to ratify.
Then which of the favors of your Lord will you

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