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Skin-whitening creams are billion dollar industry. Devolping the idea that beauty equates with fresh skin and the dark and tan complexion both are achievable and preferable. Industries producing whitening creams have traditionaly relied on convincing people and make them feel that they are incomplete without that specific cream.Yet, unlike make up or fake tan, skin whitening creams base beauty on racial hierarchy, fuelling intolerance and causing severe harm.






Our skin colour, along with hair and eye colour all these things are genetically determined by the amount of melanin, which is in the top layer of our skin. It also varries which account for different colour's of skin and complexion are linked with population's historic levels of sun exposure. But now skin whitening products to be anti melanin are now promoted and presented for sale with some worrying facts.



DR BAV SHERGILL (consultant dermatologist) explains: ''Melanin is produced by melanocytes to protect the DNA of our skin from sun damage. Excessively reducing this concentration to melanin may increase the risk of skin cancer''. Creams which are being produced these days contains dangerous chemicals such as hydroquinone and mercury.



According to british skin foundation that hydroquinone can cause intense irritation and mercury can cause increased pigmentation and severe rashes.




These chemicals are Ban by europy union but else every where it is used which is a very alarming situation.

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