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One life is, I am look for this, that find myself .and I am search for that thing is in my endocardum ,and know or comprehend that people who are in my environment.Although most of years pass, that I can find and perceive myself. And now after lot of years and much of trying, I could know and comprehend myself, and understand this. WHO AM I?

Who am I? That I can see and comprehend this beautiful and interesting feel with close of my eyes, and now comprehend it that, who am I?I am Fatima ,I am an Afghan girl ,that at present know myself and after know of myself ,I can know my Allah, who creates all creatures and specially me .

I am an Afghan girl with a colorful world, everyday that I open my eye; I find a new and fresh life. At the first, life wasn’t enjoying for me, I suffered with speech and idea of my people, and this world was a travail world for me. Neither I nor people comprehend each other. I am a girl with different idea and character from all people specially my family; I see the world with another look, with noble less, cooperation that saw to all people of the world.

I disgusted from war, from that feel that Afghan mother has. I am trying, that changes my life and don’t have any feel like Afghan mothers. Since 3 years, that I have been comprehend myself, my people and achieve much of successes.I have 16 years old, in New Year in February 2 , I will be 17 years old, I am very glad that I will be in depended, and I will reach to law age, I will can design my life.

Fortunately, this year is from years, that I can achieve more successes than ever. And I put a step toward lucky and success. One part of my successes belongs to attending in film Annex Company.

Since I am working in this company as a web logger, I can feel better myself, even though I feel that I will reach to successes that I have its wish. I solve a lot of problem that presence for me with working in this company, and I wish that mu wishes don’t stay moiety.

Do you know? WHO AM I? I am Fatima 16 years old, a girl with different world and colorful aspirations; I like very much fall season and black color.

I am ready that do everything, for achieve of my wishes .and pass from all thing. Since I know myself I can know my god, I have believed, that I will reach for that thing which I want.

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Fatima Haidary, her second name is Hoda. her father name is Shamsuddin .and she is a student in eleventh class ,in Amir Ali Shire Nawaie High school in Herat city Afghanistan.She was born in 2 february 1997 in Herat city in a cultured family.and She is third daughter of her…

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