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Although it will soon become very apparent, I need to start by saying I have never written a Blog (of any kind) in my life, a shocking revelation I know. The reason I have started now is because part of my Media (Film) Production course at Staffordshire University requires me to produce a series of blogs that are intended to track my progress as a potential film maker while also broadening my social media output in general.

With little guidance on what to write about I thought I'd start my blogging with a simple hello. Is that what you're supposed to do on here? I honestly don't know. Hopefully I'll pick it up as I go along. I just want to use Film Annex as another way of expressing myself to a range of people, who express a passion in the world of film and Media as I do.

Apologies again, it will get  better, or I'll just stop now... Will have to see!

P.S. Further apologies if you actually made it through the whole thing.


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I am currently a second year student at Staffordshire University studying Media (Film) Production and I am thoroughly enjoying my time there. I love the opportunity to pick up new skills and developing them whilst also strengthen old ones. I am enthusiastic about film-making and my dream is to one…

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