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This a question that needs to be answered. I have over 600 subscribers, yet, I follow over 200...who I haven't subscribe to, but they are already subscribed to me? I don't want to find out that less activity from someone who subscribed to me then those who I subscribed too. I am not mad, I don't like when I don't have more followers...

Those who comment on this post, I will buzz your post, but only if you are a subscriber to me and I am a subscriber to you. I do not want to spend my only gem that I earned from a quest a while ago.

Also, if you want me to try anything for earning bitcoins, feel free to tell me so. Except for KingBit.co.in...their faucets are very bad, because of too many ads and there could be ones that are in Russian and/or porn ads...in fact I do not want to deal with Russian and/or porn ads, because it's not good. Also there are other faucets that have too many ads and most of them have site pop-up that wants me to download "Flash" or pay up to a phone number to unlock my computer, but, it's just too much dialog messages that are in the way. You just need to stop the dialog message to pop up and exit the address...that way you don't need to do any paying to a phony number.

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