Why are Your Dreams Hard to Follow?

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Have you ever sat on a corner and thought, "Why are my dreams not coming into reality? Or do you have dreams in the first place? If so, what are they? For this blog, we will talk abut your dreams and why they might be hard to follow.

When I say dreams, I'm not talking about the one that shows up when you sleep. I'm talking about the goals, visions, and ambitions that you might have. Other people might be achieving their dreams easily but that's not the case for everyone. The other percentage of people seems to be struggling for their dreams. If you are someone who are encountering difficulties along the way, let me tell you the four main reasons why you're encountering them and the ways on how to face them.

1st difficulty: It's not yet the right time.


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It's not yet the right time for you to reach your dreams. Maybe the world doesn't want you to yet. It could be because you have other purposes in life that you need to fulfill first like finishing your studies or any other responsibilities. Maybe, it wants you to work harder and to polish what you have first because you might not be that good enough for your dream yet.

*There is a season for everything:


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Allow yourself to be molded by time and when the right moment comes, you will then be suited for them. No matter how hard it is, if you feel that you're destined to be there, keep on working hard and polishing that craft you need to master in achieving your dreams.

*Some people 'started' their lives late:

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2nd difficulty: A lot of things and people are blocking your way.


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It can't be avoided that there will be things and people that will block your way. For example, your dream is to go up from being a regular employee to being a manager at work. To do this, you need to commit only two unexcused tardiness/absences within a six months duration. However, due to unavoidable circumstances like family member hospitalization, you committed more than the allowed number. This situation is not pleasant and anyone can get frustrated. Don't give up but instead, cheer up. Allow the pain to affect you temporarily but not permanently.

*There are many roadblocks to success:


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What you can do is to continue what you're doing since your company might open a second slot for a managerial position and this time, you'll be the one meant for it. Or better yet, if you don't feel that your work place is not helping you anymore to reach your goals, you can transfer to a different company. It's not an easy decision but if you want to start afresh, then you might have no choice but to try it.

*People trying to stop you from success:


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As for people, there are also those who are blocking you from achieving what you want and some of them are your friends, relatives, and family members. It hurts to know but what should you do? If you want to do something and if you think that you're meant for that thing, then you've got to fight for that and give all your best shot. Tell those people pulling you down that you'll be successful and you'll stay focused. You have the option to stay away from those people as per toxicity since they might end up bringing you down which you will regret later on.

3rd difficulty: It's not meant for you.

Or maybe it's not meant for you. No one can guess if it's meant for you but maybe, only time can tell. There are two cases for this scenario. First is that you are meant for other things and second, the method that you're using to reach for your dreams is not the right one. Let me explain the two further.


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First is you are meant for other things. For example, your dream is to become a famous singer. However, it seems that opportunity isn't knocking on your door. You keep on trying out at different auditions but unfortunately, you keep on failing. What should you do? You realize that it might not be meant for you because you might be meant to create a music school while finding the joy of teaching kids how to sing and be able to make money from singing. You can be meant to teach people who will then become big stars in the future. You might be meant to be the vocal coach of some of the celebrity vocalists like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, BTS, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and many more, right? It can happen because you can never tell the time.

*Find your paradise in a chaotic forest:


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The second case is that the method you're using is not the right one for you to reach your dreams. You keep on auditioning on TV Programs but the method that is meant for you is just to upload cover videos on Youtube and in that way, you'll be discovered. One Filipino director said that a single TV show is not the only instrument for someone to get famous. As what Milton Berle also said, "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door", then you might just have to build your own door.


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*These 10 singers were rejected by American Idol, but went on to become very famous. They didn't need American Idol then:

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Who knows? You might just find your greatest success using that door.

4th difficulty: You think that everything must be PERFECT.

We don't live in a perfect world and we don't need perfection to see how beautiful the world can be, right? Yes, the world has a dirty part but we still need to survive. To do it, we need to focus on its beautiful parts and be happy. This is the same with our dreams. If we dream of becoming a professional model but we're not physically attractive, that's fine. There are professional models there who are not very good-looking but are famous.

Conscious of your weight? There are overweight models chosen by some modeling agencies.

*She is a plus-size model:


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*The other plus-size models are in this LINK!*

We think that we must meet all of the standard requirements but that shouldn't always be the case because at times, we don't need perfection to achieve what we want.

Even if we're not that buff enough to become a model (for males), at times we just need to believe in ourselves and show our confidence on the runway for people to like us.

At times, people will accept the beauty of imperfection so they can disregard our defects and see how beautiful we are. That will make us very authentic since we're not perfect. All we need to do is just to work smart.

There might be many other major reasons why we're having difficulty in realizing our dreams but always remember, we shouldn't give up because the only time we lose is when we admit that we do.

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