Why Boys Fail in College !!

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Question No. 1: There are some boys who fail because they do not try. Who are they? Can we help them?

Surely there are such boys. These boys suffer from some nervous habits. We advise them to focus their full attention in their studies.


Question No. 2: How does the mistaken ambition lead to the failure of the boys?

The boys stop taking interest in their studies. So, they fail because of the wrong ambition. 


Question No. 3: Some boys have done well at school but fail to make their mark at college. Who are they?

Surely there are such boys. They are over confident because of their good performance in the school. They should change their way of thinking.


Question No. 4: How does financial pressure lead to the failure of the students?

Financially poor students do some jobs to meet their educational expenses. They cannot focus on their studies. So, they fail.


Question No. 5: To what extent does the question of health lead to the failure at college?

Many students fail in the examination because of bad health. Their diseases lead them to the failure.


Question No. 6: How can the college authorities help the unhealthy students?

Every college must have a medical officer and health service. Unhealthy students should be given proper treatment.


Question No. 7: What place do you accord to sportsman in college?

Sportsmen have their own importance. They should be encouraged. They should also focus on their studies.


Question No. 8: There are some boys who join college for the fun of it. Should they be allowed to stay?

Surely there are such boys. They should be expelled out of the college.


Question No. 9: What is the role of college dean?

College dean can play an important role in college. He should help students to solve their health problems, financial problems and problems in studies.


Question No. 10: Who are lazy bluffers?

Lazy bluffers are the boys who do not care for their studies. They come to college just for fun of it.


Question No. 11: Why do the boys fail in college (Give reasons)?

Boys fail in college because of financial problems, bad health, nervous habits and wrong ambitions of their parents.

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