Why Cats Lick Their Fur

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We have a cat before which I really love, it got pregnant with some random cats from the neighborhood since that cat was just a local one, it goes in and out of our house but when it got pregnant and bore three little kittens, I noticed it didn't go out a lot anymore.

And then I just noticed that every day, this cat would go out in the heat together with its kittens and start licking their furs. It was an amazing view seeing it licking and then massaging its little ones. I thought it might be cleaning up its minions but I wonder if it has other reasons as to why it has been doing that.

I have seen a car's tongue texture actually and that has some kind of rough texture on it and that I have also experienced being licked by it when I had offered a food to it and I felt its spine and the rough texture. I wonder if its kittens were hurt when it did that thing.

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