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We are now in the time when modern technology is at its peak. Almost everything can be achieved with a click of a mouse or a tick of a button. The Internet is an amazing discovery which changed the life of many people all throughout the world. 


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It is interesting to know that as of the writing of this blog post, there are 3,911,767,585 internet users in the world. The number is increasing every second. The country with the highest number of internet users is China, followed by India and US. the Philippines is on the number 15 with a total number of 44,478,808 internet users as of 2016. Source: Internet Live Stat.

Subsequently, online working has become the new career trend. Many people were enticed in pursuing an online career. Businesses and companies started to utilize the internet for their businesses. More and more opportunities have been opened, thereby giving more chances to a large number of individuals.  Many people started to realize the benefits of working online thus, they have been urged to shift to pursuing an online career. For many, this is an ideal career to pursue. At present time, the number of online workers is continuously increasing every day. 

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I have been in this field for a number of years and since I believe that this will be, an ideal career, I tried my best to share whatever knowledge I gained as I continue to explore the internet.  However, even though I wanted to introduce this kind of work and striving to teach the people around me on how to do the same thing, I only have one student whom I know who is following my steps. My son. He is doing Forex, Bitcoin things, other task-based jobs and call reviewing in Humanatic.  

Much as I wanted to encourage him to apply in the government considering that being in public service offers a security of tenure other types of work cannot offer, I know how stressful it is to work with boss/es and other people who are acting like boss/es too. But definitely, my hubby is not in favor of him doing online activities. He keeps on telling him to work for a real job. Eh, working online is not a real job?


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For me working online is a good thing provided that we save a part of the amount we earn for the future. Just like an offline career, there are also career choices available in the online field. with so much effort in finding what career is best for me, I realized that working online is indeed the best career for me.  In fact, I am also planning to give full concentration on this type of work in the near future. I just need to prepare the things while I still have my full-time work.  Of course, having a full-time job is better than working on something which has no assurance. Especially if we are only starting and we do not yet know about the process. But if this type of work will give us a peace of mind, then it would be a good thing to try. 

Here are the Top Reasons Why I Choose an Online Career

  • Freedom and Complete Control of Our Time

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Working online allows us to maximize the use of our time.  Because we eliminate the travel time which is most often the complaints of almost everybody who has an 8 to 5 work, we can allocate the time for a more useful task.  We will also reduce the problem in road traffic. 

Working on our own home can give us more time to be with our family. though there might be some issues with working from home especially if we have small children in the house, still personally taking care of them would still be the best option. 

  •   You Can Work Anywhere 


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One good example of this is travel bloggers. Since they love to travel, working online bloggers can help them pursue their dreams and at the same time, they can work while enjoying themselves. They won't be able to do this thing if they are employed in an office which is requiring them to stay the whole day in the workplace.

  • You are Your Own Boss

One of the most difficult parts of working in a regular day job is having a boss that you find the difficulty of getting along with. Only a few people shared complaints about difficulty in their work but most often, people are leaving a certain job because of the boss. 

  • You Can Implement Your Own Strategies


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If we work for someone, most likely we need to follow instructions based on the company's plan and strategies. There may be times that we have an idea of what will work better, but we simply couldn't implement those.  Having an online work means we can do whatever we feel will benefit us in the long run. We can implement strategies and adjust whenever necessary.  We are responsible for our own actions. 

  • You Can Earn More


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Finding the perfect strategies that will work for us will certainly help us in achieving financial freedom. This is the promise of pursuing an online career.

Let's take a look at the negative side of having an online career

To give clarity on the topic, let us also take into consideration the things we could not expect to have when working online.

Working online has no assurance of security and earnings

We don't have a counterpart in voluntary contributions as mandated by the government. Under the law, employers are obliged to have a counterpart in the monthly contributions of their employees in GSIS/SSS, PhilHealth, PAGIBG (HDMF). It means you have to shoulder the entire amount of contribution if you are planning to save for your old age.

You have to pay for your own internet and acquire necessary equipment for your work


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Unlike when working for an offline company, you will have to provide everything that you need.

You are not entitled to leave privileges

Companies are required by law to allow their employees to have vacation and sick leave which are convertible to cash at the time of retirement. If you choose to work on your own, you will definitely not be able to avail of this privilege.

You will not earn if you will not work


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Though this is not always true because there are online activities which can entitle us to earn passively as long as we implement the proper strategies. This is applicable to those who opted to work per task completed. 

 On the final thought...

We are given the options. Probably for some, having a security of tenure is a better option in choosing a career. But for those who are after the freedom and peace of mind will choose to have an online career provided that they are knowledgeable about the internet. 

How about you? What would you choose? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Before we end this topic, here is another video featuring my favorite Online Marketer, Neil Patel together with Eric Siu that will surely help you decide on which career is best for you. Enjoy watching!

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