Why do people bullying

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Have you ever been called funny names that you did not like? Have you ever been repeatedly laughed at by someone or a group of kids, or a gang in your class in a way that makes you sad? What about repeated threats and even physical abuse by someone for some reason? It is estimated that about twenty percent of all kids are bullied in school at any time, and about half the people have experienced bulling at street or at work in any parts of the world. People do bullying for a number of reasons.

The first reason is that the people have learnt bullying from others like their parents, brothers, sisters or their friends. Family and friends have a great impact on children behavior and mostly they do the things that they observe in their surroundings. For example, when a child sees that its parents or its friends mock or hurt someone physically or verbally he/she tries to imitate the something. That is why they start bullying from their early childhood.

In addition of learning form others, people bullying because they are victims themselves. For sure these people are being bullied at school or at work by their colleague or their workmate and then they start to get their revenge. We have seen that a large number of children were being bullied when they were weak and now because they are strong and powerful; they start to annoy and hurt those children once who bullied them. With this action they want to get revenge from those bullies.

Finally, watching a lot of violent and horror movie and also playing violent games can make a person try out violent action. Those people, who are watching violent films and video games, are usually try them out on those people who appear smaller and weaker. For instance, my nephew (Haroon) who was about ten years old has seen the Body Guard film (an Indian movie). The central character of that film was a muscular and warrior person and also he walked in a bullying style. After watching that film he tried to walk the same as that body guard. In addition, he has started bullying my neighbor’s children, those who were weaker and smaller than him.

At the end, bullying behavior can occur for many reasons like imitating from parents, taking revenge and watching violent moves. In my opinion the best way to stop bullying is to preach the teenagers that bullying is not an acceptable behavior not only in society but also in religion too.

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