Why Do We Need a Second Job?

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With the current economic situation in the world, finding a decent and well-paying job is somehow tough and strenuous.   Added to the issue is the continuously increasing prices of commodities which an ordinary worker or employee earning a minimum wage would find difficult to cope with. The toughest part is making both ends meet by trying out every possible means to extend the very limited fund up to the next payday. 


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Rather than having no job at all, most individuals tend to grab the job which is available despite the low salary compensation. In several cases, having a low salary could also be a reason why an employee performs poorly in their given task because they are not satisfied with the compensation they are receiving. 

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In the Philippines, the threat of the impending increase in the major commodities in the market can now be felt among the ordinary citizens due to the implementation of the Tax Reform Acceleration and Inclusion or TRAIN.  The law which was made in effect on the first day of January this year (2018)  will impose an increase in some basic commodities in the market including gasoline, sugary beverages, liquor and other items which we need in our day to day activities. 

On the report released by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) on June 09, 2017, it was stated that there is an estimated 94.3 percent employment rate in the country as of April of 2017. On the said report, it was also pointed out that 16.1%  are underemployed. 


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By definition, employed persons who express the desire to have additional hours of work in their present job, or to have an additional job, or to have a new job with longer working hours are considered underemployed. 

I don't want to argue with this given definition of the word underemployed but with the current situation in the country, it is imperative that one has to find a second job especially if you are earning a minimum wage or below the minimum threshold.

Coping with today's economic trends may be exhausting and one of the possible ways to handle the situation is by having a second job. Unless you are implementing a very strict budget and you are living alone. But for some who have families who are dependent upon them, creating a new source of income is the only possible way.

Similarly, we are aiming to have an improved financial condition, to buy a dream car, to travel to other places and to be able to enjoy our life. These activities or items would need an additional fund. If the amount you are currently earning will only suffice to cover your daily needs or worst, not even enough to give us a comfortable life, it may be a valid reason for us to find another source of income while we are still strong. 

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What Benefits Can We Get from Having a Second Job?

Most of us are working for 8 hours in a day for 5 or 6 days in a week and having a second job or another source of income can help us in many ways. Here are some of the benefits which we could get from having a second job or another source of income without giving up your main job. 

 Financial Security


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This is the most obvious benefit of having another source of income. We will somehow have a peace of mind since our earnings would be sufficient to cover our day to day expenses and we can likewise save for future. We can also save for travel and other activities or things which we have a plan of having in the future. 

Additional Knowledge and Skills


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When I started working online, not only that I earned additional amount but I also gained additional skills and knowledge which had helped me even in the performance of my offline work. I also experienced incredible things which I can't imagine to be possible. Even my friends can't believe that I am earning from my online activities. Blogging, writing, setting up a blog site, creative designing are among the skills that I learned from my online work.  I also learned about marketing and a little SEO.

Gain Freedom


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Having to work at your desired schedule can also be achieved if you are working as a freelancer. Having no boss around to monitor every move you make is something that we can achieve. Most often we seem to be more productive when we work without pressure.



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Having to work in the different field can help us to improve our own personality. The knowledge we gain in this area might be different from what have in our regular job. We learn new things that books and the school have never been taught. As part of our personal growth, it is imperative that we continuously find new ways to develop ourselves. We should continue learning.  Trying out another field or work can be truly helpful and smart. 

Personal Fulfillment

We may have our dreams and aspirations that though we have a regular job, we know that it would be difficult to achieve. Having another job may be of help to achieve personal fulfillment. 

Stress-free activity


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Similar to having freedom at work, we can experience stress-free activity doing something that we are truly interested in. The work environment that we have in our regular work may not be the most convenient for us considering that we need to make adjustments to what the company wants. But having to work on our own, we can possibly create our own space which we are truly comfortable with. 

Additionally, if we love doing something, we don't consider it as a job but a sort of a hobby. I have been working online for several years and for some reasons, I find this kind of activity truly interesting. Every day, I am always looking forward to reaching home in order to start with my online work. 

Develop Confidence


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Doing something that we love and achieving success on it will definitely give us a boost in our confidence. 

Network Growth


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Working with people of the same interest can do a lot in helping us not only in earning additional income but also having new friends that have similar likes and point of views.

Here is another video that could give us an insight into having a second job:

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On the final thought...

For the reason that we cannot possibly survive without a job and what we have might not be the best, we should only find a supplementary income instead of giving up that one we have. It is not easy to find a job that will really match our skill and interest and if we found one, sometimes, it may not give us a pay that we deserve.  Although, one of the considerations we have to look for when finding a job is that it should be within our interest. 

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