Why does an Everyday People can become a Millionaire? (UFUN SPLIT SYSTEM)

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     First of all I would like to inform you that UFun is not a Multilevel Marketing Company but rather an Investment Company. Ufun had made more than 5000 millionaires in just a year. Impossible right? but its not because of their system. Here's how...

1. You have to avail this packages:

Note: U-point is not your Total UTokens

2. In order to know how many UTokens you have, make a computation.

     Example: You availed 1 star which is 400 U-points and the price of each UToken that time was 0.16.

                     Now Divide $0.16 from 400 U-points ( 400/0.16 = 2500 )

                     2500 is your available UTokens

3. Split system: everytime price of the token rises up to more than $1, the company multiplies your Utokens by ten (Available Utokens x 10) and then the price goes back to 0.10 (starting price)

     Example: 2500 Utokens x 10 = 25000

Note: You can decided if you want to cash out the utokens when it reaches $1 or wait for another split to multiply it by another 10. 

Here's another example of total possible earnings a person can get.

     Lisa availed a 3 star package worth $5,000 in a utoken price 0.14. Then she wants to know how many U-tokens that she have. So, she divided 4500 (U-point) to 0.14 (Utoken price when she availed the package) and the total was 32142 (Available utokens she now has). Liza waited for the price to go up and then the split came. Here Utokens were now multiplied by 10 ( 32142 x 10 = 321420 ) but she decided to wait for another split before cashing out. After 4 months waiting, another split occur and it was again multiplied by 10 ( 321420 x 10 = 3214200 ) and the price again went back to 0.10 so she will have to wait until it reaches $1 before cashing out so that she will have $3214200 if that happens.

Now you know why it is possible to be a millionaire in this system. Now what are you waiting for? Join now while the iron is still hot. 

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