- Why does your Mother feel Pain in her Knees Teeth and Joints?

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 - Allah (GOD) has placed babies in the womb of women in a very salty juice, deliberately to lighten the weight and at the same time, for food to come without fatigue through the cord associated with mother, to provide the baby with the food it needs.
If the mother does not eat food, the child will not miss anything because some glands reach to melt the teeth and bones of mother to replace the missing food. Therefore upon reaching old age the mother’s teeth & knees and joints pain. This makes many people say that women grow old before a man.
If a man knew that he has melted his mother’s bone to live, he would not know how to reward her.
O my Lord! Reward my mother and all the mothers with Jannatul Firdaus! (HEAVEN).
Aameen Aameen Ya Rabbal Alameen (AMEN).

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