Why Education is necessary?

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"To seek knowledge is an obligation for every Muslim" Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said this 1400 years ago. Education is necessary for many reasons. Many times resting in my bed i ask myself this question that why is education necessary and i have got some reasons in my head which i want to share with you.


Today the world is very fast and progressing very rapidly that if one don't get much education or information about things , he will remain much behind from others. Good jobs are only given on the basis of good and quality education. Being practical and theoretical is important in the same time. Let me given you on example. A job has opened for a senior technician at a firm and 3 people have applied for it. All of them knows the practical aspects of that job but the edge is given to the one who has a better qualification and education in the particular field.

2- Justice

Education provides justice. A person with no good background when receives quality education , he stands with those who have a wealthy background at the same level due to his education. Education gives you the quality of being just ,  To provide justice to those who deserve it . A well educated person will never make a difference between status symbol of other person instead he prefers the education of other person. When there will be justice , automatically peace will rise.

3- Discipline

Education brings discipline in everyone's life. When you are receiving education , you are basically getting disciplined with things that are happening around you. You maintain a proper scheduled life giving time to your priorities and your study. Successful persons in every field of life have described discipline as their utmost quality. Discipline makes you focus always so that you never forget the goal you want to achieve.

4- Social Qualities

While getting education you get to know your social surroundings. You realize how to meet with others , you become humble , you concentrate on your work and become less rude. You social skills are being groomed while getting education. Your behavior is changed before and after getting education because you get to know a lot of people , surroundings and your environment.

This is why getting education is necessary in my point of view.


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