Why Gamers Can Do So Well On Film Annex

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Twitch.TV is a fantastic website that allows gamers, fans, and social media to connect seamlessly where they can stream their content for the whole world to see. Recently they had an event where TWITCH created a bot that played through the entire game of Pokemon Red. You might've read about it as it was a genuine social experiment coupled by some awesome events including some joke religions being formed based on events that happened in the game. It was quite the ride.

Even before this gamers have always wanted to share their content on Film Annex and their journeys through the game. This happens for plenty of reasons. One of which is that not everyone has access to the game or the technology, especially in other countries, and this gives people a way of experiencing it first hand. Another is they want to glorify how amazing they are at the game (sometimes they are, most of the time they're not) and literally show everybody they're amongst the best of the world. Using social media is great for that. 

So why Film Annex for gamers? We take Lets Play videos. We encourage them. We want you to share your original content. We'll also pay you for them. Unless you're a YouTube partner or a veteran of Twitch.TV that won't happen. 

So if you're a gamer looking to get started on recording some videos and adding your spin to the world of online play sign up and share your content. I'm curious what you're all playing.

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