Why I achieved such bonus scores?

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I had been so confused lately on why I always accumulate almost if not all since the start of January 1, an average of 1.8-2.0+ mbtc as the usual I always get ranges from 0.5 - 1 mbtc. But maybe because I had read so many blogs on how to increase our daily buzz scores and that's what I'm doing, it helps me a lot to achieve that kind of stats.

See some of my collections: 


So if you're not familiar with those blogs I've read to help me increase my buzz scores, I will enumerate all of them for you:

1. Jie Hernandez's recipe to success here in bitlanders and increase your buzz score tips 

2. G2narat's how my blogs increase my score 

3. Jjeeppeerrxx-Nartleb's importance of referrals 

4. And of course, the epitome of bitlanders for me (lol) Jean Beltran - just read all her blogs. Haha ^_^


But lately, as you noticed, I am less active here because I have also other important things that I needed to attend too. That's why, I'm also hesitant that my score will really drop down to the extent that I will need some time to bring it back. But to my surprise, every time I tried to click that magical treasure box, I still get a high score. So what's the reason for that?

I'm not sure with this, but I guess she's the one whose making it possible for me. Who am I referring to?

Well, she's no other than Miss g2narat! How did she make it for me? Well, it's just simple.


Because you love her so dearly and me as well (maybe I'll make another post for that), and you always visit her account, that gave me a big boost in return.


Of all people whom I've referred here so far, Geetwo is the only one who remains active. lol 

That's why, it's really an honor to be her friend and hoping I can see her in person as well as we're just in the same city yet she's very mysterious like her high heeled shoes. (peace) :p

Anyway, so if you wanted to boost your bonus scores, find an active referral too. ^^,



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