Why I don't use Bitlanders

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I really did give this site a go a while back and keep visiting just to see what is going on. When I started on Tsu I looked at other sites that might earn me a few cents. Back then Bitlanders was using Bitcoin, which was interesting to me. I have managed to gain a lot of subscribers, but I get very few real comments. I'm just not interested in cartoon cat pictures. I'm on social media to have conversations. I appreciate that a lot of people here are not native English speakers, and maybe there just aren't enough people who share my interests to make it worth it to me. I am not interested in endless pictures of food and exotic locations. 

When I come here I see the same old posts being featured that may be from months ago. That suggests a lack of good content. There were also a lot of ripped off videos. I get the bots in chat doing 'surveys', but those are just the same ones again and again. What's the point of that? The global chat is just people asking for follows.

I've had AdGoggleKo commenting on my posts and trying to persuade me that this can work. It may do for her with 6700 subscribers, but do people do much more than click Like? My time is limited and so it has to be fun as well as potentially profitable.

I know you are supposed to request review to get your posts seen, but that requires gems I don't have and I don't have enough bm to buy them. I gave away most of what I have to charities.

I will probably visit here less in future. You can find me on Steemit or elsewhere as 'steevc'.

If BL works for you then that's great, but it's not for me. Good luck!

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