Why I like Quentin Tarantino

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Tarantino has a unique style, his attention to detail really shows how well thought out his films are. Tarantino  inspires me to try new ways of doing something, Tarantino is not afraid to try new ways. For example in Inglorious Bastards where Brad Pitt, Christoph waltz and Diane Kruger are having a conversation in the Cinema lobby, the camera spins around the out side of the characters while they are having a conversation. I think this is a different and creative way to film a conversation that is tense.

Tarantino also likes to use  ALOT of blood, but I really like that, and he uses it to his advantage sometimes. In Pulp Fiction he uses blood to show the gruesome scenes with ought actually showing it. This is shown in the scene where Marvin is accidentally shot in the head, You don't see all his brains blown to pieces, you just see the blood splattered all over the back window. You could also say it is very comical. Which brings me onto another point, Tarantino has comical moments in most of his films. Again I really like this as it takes a serious subject and uplifts the mood, even when it is just for a few seconds and then goes back to the serious mood. So in a sense Tarantino is lifting the audiences mood so its not always the same.

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