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Love is a fundamental passion of man.Man needs and desires sympathy,help and love from fellow human beings.Man is afraid of living alone.He is a social being.He must live in a country and build a home.He must seek union with his fellow beings.

Man cannot but love the country where he and his family and the people he need and love,live.the country is his home,and the nation is his family.

I love Afghanistan because it is my country and its love is in my blood.It has fed me,it has protected me and it has given me everything it has.This fair land has become flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone.It is the land of my forefathers.They have loved it.They have toiled here.Every inch of this soil is rich with their sweat and blood.Their bones are buried here.they have become a part of this land.To me this land is most precious and sacred.

In political sence Afghanistan is anew state.But in reality it is thousands of years old.My people have lived here for centuries .They have prospered here.They have thrived here as brave and honest people.Unfortunately,a foreign nation conquered this land.For a long time they kept it and its sons in bondage.But my people had all along been fightingto free their motherland.

It is the country of all the muslims of sub-continent.Every hand full of its dust is coloured with the blood of our ancestors.We have paid a great price for it.

Afghanistan is our country,our homeland.For me it is the fairest of all lands.I love it with my heart and soul.


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i am shakir.i have done BS (HONORS) in chemistry from pakistan.i know english,pashto and urdu.I love to write blogs.

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