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Starving - that was how we felt while on our way to Anda's beach. We came from jumping and back flipping at the Cagbagnow Cave Pool earlier that day and we have exerted all our energies with climbing the stairs as well as jumping off the cliff which had caused us to really become hungry.

As we were approaching Anda beach, I recall how my niece would often request that we should visit it every week perhaps during the weekend because she loves the beach and she likes it there because of the fact that the beach shore is wide and long. She can then walk all the way from the main land to the waters and yet the waters would still be shallow. This is also what I really like about Anda Long beach and probably the reason why most of the tourists or visitors who come to visit it are those who have kids and children. They can run around in the waters without having to worry that their kids might get drown. Well of course, they still have to watch over their kids. But anyways, that's nostalgia since my niece is not in the Philippines but in the United Arab Emirates now.

Moving on, we had to buy lunch since we didn't bring anything with us except for the soft drinks and water. I was kind of disappointed that we didn't find Quinale Beach Restaurant anymore. It looked like the shop has been destroyed for expansion and renovation. So the issue now is where are we going to look for food? Of course the answer was quite obvious, to the market or else we'll be spending a huge amount if we'll stay under those beach resorts.

Since that was how the beach welcomed us, I'd like to share some list of the things that you'll love here in Anda Beach. These list might be different from the point of view of the other guests but for me, this is what makes me and my family come back to this area.


•  It's FREE  

Yup it is free! Even the dogs can stay there all day long. As long as you want!


Anyone who had gone here would really be thankful because the beach is a public one. It makes me happy as well that the tourists and guests can just stay here with their tents pitched and no one will be asking for any fee. Except if you'll be bringing with you a vehicle, they charge for parking fee!

But then again, a paradise like this for free is definitely a YES for me!



•  It's WINDY Over There  •

What I sometimes don't like about some other beaches is the fact that the humidity is too much. I often times get really sweaty and I can't even take it out from me even after swimming or so. This is also the reason why I don't really stay in the beach for too long except for certain events but whenever my husband and I visits a beach, we would then stay for just a few hours then we can leave.

Isn't it obvious with how those plastic strings fly here and there on that photo above?


However, Anda Beach is totally different. This is one of those which I would prefer staying for some time to relax and observe the movement of the waves and the tree leaves.

Its windy atmosphere is really cool that I don't get too much sweaty at all.


•  There's SHADE All Around  •

This could be one of the things that I also look forward to when visiting a beach resort. Does it have shade? Does the beach provide tropical huts or cottages that we can stay on while the sun is shining so brightly?

There's shade covering almost the entire shoreline! Trees are really essential to man. Oh! Did I mention some locals offer Hena tattoos there? I didn't try it though.


All of these questions are being answered by Anda Beach because there are trees along the beach shore and its branches spreads out to cover and provide shade to the visitors and beach bums. This trees I don't know its name but I will find it out soon when I get home to Bohol.

As a matter of fact, when we were there, we just kept ourselves under the tree which had made us feel really chilled and relaxed. There were tons of people around since there was some event going on around the area yet the atmosphere is still good.


•  Lots of FINE SAND  •

My niece's favorite thing to do while at Anda Beach is to roam around slipper-less.

Yes, she doesn't have to wear any slippers on because the sand is fine and there aren't any hazards in there. This I am glad that they are cleaning up the shore.

Not sure if the sun was very bright that day or my camera was not set properly, This photo above looks over exposed for me. I posted it anyway.


Blue skies and scattered clouds is a perfect day at the beach. Of course lots of people too! Can you spot the volleyball court?


Some decades back when I was still young and in my elementary years, I remember that we had our annual Sports Fest in this same area but it was totally different. The sands were already white and fine but there were lots of garbage around. There were vines and other plants, thick ones covering the entire shoreline. It was a surprise for me and the family after some years that the local government had made it cleaned up and even made it into a tourist destination until this day. That is one of the good decisions done by their local government.

Anyway, I have heard some bad reviews about Anda beach before as there were lots of dead seaweeds which had scattered around the beach shore. They were there at the wrong time actually. There's a season where in corals and seaweeds die and they are being brought by the waves to the shore. Unfortunately, the locals are not able to fully clean it up since after cleaning, there will be new batch of dead seaweeds which will arrive at the shore line. Basically, it was just a wrong timing.

 When the sun starts to go down, it is perfect to walk around the shore. The tree shades have already extended towards the waters. It is perfect for your kids to walk in the sand just like what this guy in the photo is doing.


Jboy is concentrating in finding his forever! He was just checking for some beach bums who'll be walking pass him.


But nonetheless, a free beach with long white sand shoreline plus great atmosphere - nothing can beat that. Of course Anda has more to offer too, there is Lamanoc Island where you can find several remains of wooden boat coffins and prehistoric graffiti on cave wall. There are also many caves for thrill seekers to try on.

I'll make sure to also visit those other things that can be done within this town. It is just near to my home town so I know I have no reasons not to visit. 

Until next time. 


Cars and other vehicles are limited until that part of the area. There are locals who have been monitoring this and will fine you if you won't obey.


 This view will always come into my mind. Anda reminds me of family. A family who loves the ocean and smells the beach each week.




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