Why I Still Dream of the Devil (1)

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I was an Olympian but got paralyzed due to an uncertain incident. I still remember how Papa compared my older sister to me. How he hated her for not having just one award. He even often called my sister "Idiot" and that she inherited my mother's failure.

Papa was very proud of me because of what i have. I was one of the athletes presenting the last year's Winter Olympic Game. While we went to Baguio last December with my teammates, I accidentally broke my legs just when i jump at a rock. I felt disappointed and so depressed because i can no longer play anymore. when my older sister heard about the incident, she said sorry to me. i didn't even knew why she said that. Was it because she has nothing to help me? Or because Papa would no longer be proud of me and would call me idiot just like her. I knew that my sister loved me despite Papa's always comparing us.


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