Why I Switched to Washable Pads?

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After almost a month of waiting, my orders finally arrived! Would you like to know what are these items? Here's a similar item to it:

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I was a fool of me to think that these will arrive in less than a week, I ordered it via Shopee.ph. My first few washable pads were purchased just in Cebu City from a local dealer and I found it very expensive thus, I looked for a seller on that eCommerce mobile app which offers the best price with the best review, you got to read the reviews, check the photos to ensure your money won't go to waste when purchasing from online shops!

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Two months now, I had made a switch to use washable pads instead of the disposable type and it was one of the most liberating decisions that I have made in my life. There are many reasons behind that and I will deal with those in this blog together with the comparison to why I love these washable pads now and its PROs and CONs. It's quite a little embarrassing to talk about this but I got to share it because it will certainly help you ladies out there and the entire Mother Earth.

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In that blog I posted two months ago as well, I have shared my own simple ways of minimizing the use of plastics. I admit, it is quite very challenging but I am doing it one step at a time. I have missed a lot of times especially when it comes to plastic bags, I always tell myself to pursue and make it a habit to really refuse and minimize these items.

Why I Switched to Washable Pads?

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Imagine, I was still ten years old at that time when I started bleeding and started using disposable pads because it was what my mother had advised me to do. I am 30 years old when I stopped using those disposable ones. It's a good two decades of usage. If I would compute the number of pads I had used from day one up to two months ago, it would be approximate of five thousand pads, but wait, that's only for when I am having my monthly visitor, the rest of the month, I use panty liners. So, at least 20 days a month, I use around two panty liners every day.

The Shocking Dangers of Disposable Pads

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I never really thought that it is very dangerous but imagine every single lady like me uses a relatively the same number of these disposables, no wonder why our landfills are full now that these certain disposed ones have gone to the comfort of our oceans, to our beaches and worse, our animals.

Seeing sea creatures suffering because of our own doing was not a fun thing to watch. Animals who had died because of eating plastics. Plastics and disposables which were thrown by humans. So, I had made a choice to stop my contribution most especially in terms of my sanitary pads. I made a commitment and I am super happy I did.

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That was the first reason, the second one was that disposable napkins are actually dangerous to our health. According to anigan.com:

Our pads are made of plastic materials. Some chemicals that are made to plastic like BPA and BPS can complicate embryonic development. The plasticizers can actually lead to organ damage and even cancer!

There are more other elements in it that would cause health issues, artificial fragrances, adhesives, and chemical gels. One or more of them as well can cause infertility because of the accommodated negative effects which definitely scares me and so I personally made a commitment to work on this.

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It is indeed true that once we know the truth, it will set us free. So when I learned the truth behind these elements, it was time to do something about it.

The PROs of Using Washable Pads

Based on my own research and my personal experience, I have listed below the reason for the advantages of using the washable pads and liners.

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Using Washable Pads Don't Have Any Side Effects on Our Bodies

Although it was my mother who had recommended that I use disposable pads when I started having monthly periods, it was also her who told me the story of how she uses cloths together with her sister when they were still young.

That story made me think of how the industry had indeed brainwashed our community. It has rooted deep that we are now trapped with it. Using cloths doesn't have any bad effects on our own bodies. Moreover, we have the discretion to make it even clean as to how we clean our clothes.

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Altogether, from the two months of usage, I have realized that it has a psychological effect when I am using my washable pads rather than the disposables. It makes me feel like I am taking care more of my body and my habitat.

Using Washable Pads Are Safe to the Environment

Very importantly, our Earth has to be saved most especially in this age where the effects of plastics and our rubbage has significantly returned to us. But this damage is just too much that we need to be serious with our efforts.

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For women out there, we must cut our own contribution to this and start minimizing or better yet eliminating our environmental impact.

Using Washable Pads Saves Money

What's the very great thing about using washable pads is the fact that you can save a lot of money. It is true that these pads may cause a bit when still starting because you'll have to buy several of them but over time, you'll surely save up.

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The cost of a monthly sanitary pad usage for me would be around Php 50 for a single pack of 4-night pads, Php 60 for the day pads and Php 30 for a pack of liners. This accumulated for a year would cost me Php 1,680.

Compared to my washable pads which cost me Php 1,220 for 12 Bamboo charcoal regular Flow Cloth Menstrual pads and 12 Bamboo charcoal regular Flow Cloth Menstrual panty liners. This will be my pads for the next years. Imagine my own savings?

The CONs of Using Washable Pads

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There are only two consequences that I think when I started using the washables, first is the truth that I will have to wash my pads which will cost me time. However, this is not too much of a work because once a system is created for washing, it becomes more efficient and easier to wash them.

The technique here is to use a soaking container to keep the pads, drain them every day while using a mild detergent and not using any bleaching.

Second is that there were times when I feel the plastic snap fastener. I say sometimes because there are times when I don't feel it, perhaps it is the wide size of the underwear too.

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Surprisingly, I have never had any leaks when using the cotton washable pads than when I had the disposables. I think it is because the new pads are very flexible. So far, I never regret switching. I am very happy with the washables and I am sticking to this for the rest of my life unless if I go to using the menstrual cups which I have no plans yet but there are reviews that state they are better than the reusable pads.

I am urging you guys to also try ditching out the disposables and give yourself a favor as well as our nature. It is time to do our part too,

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