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Social Media

These are internet based applications which helps peoples in creating new amazing own ideas and share these to all over the world within seconds. These own ideas or creativity (may be pictures and videos) are exchange plus share to all on these social media sites.Social media increase the usage of internet and because of their user friendly nature their numbers of users are in millions or more than that. These are basically online site used by mostly users throughout the world.

Social Media Sites

In now a days there are number of sites working as social media sites.They are in large numbers but some most popular sites used by majority of users are given below,

Facebook ,Twitter ,Linkedin ,Google+ ,Tumblr ,Instgram and much more.

"Social networking" in now a days necessory part of life. Its simple to be social now with these sites make friends and meet them and meet their friends and so on.Peoples also use these site to promote their business so easily. 


Importance Of Social Media

Life is more or ever greater than that of Facebook and twitter.If we said that these big platforms evens represents very little part of word called social media. Social media is the best way to publicity to the world and this can be done within seconds.Social media use many of peoples to expends their business to higher levels .


Paying Social Networking Sites

There are number of social networking sites working which pays us to be social on that sites ,sounds interesting .Its good to make friends meet them and like ,share  their posts but when doing the same thing you get rewarded that's the best thing.Even its not so huge but still it worth's a lot.There are several sites names are TSU ,Bubblews ,Bitlanders and much more. 


My social Networks Before register on Bitlanders

I am registered on Facebook six and a half years ago and on google plus 3 years ago.I am not an active users on these sites.I have limited friends and visited randomly their profiles and share their contents and also like and comments on their posts.That's what I am doing before registering on bitlanders. I also make account on TSU but their sharing policy is not good you have to share 45 % of your work to your parent who introduce  you and their minimum withdraw amount is $100.Their Login pages are like that




My social Networks After register on Bitlanders

After registering on bitlanders I only use, bitlanders because it shares revenue that is generated by my contents which is pretty good.Its low, but it will increase day by day here at bitlanders but it is still worth more than Facebook and Tsu.



What you do on facebook do here and earn some amount.Its my personal openion facebook wasted time of peoples since 2004 and bitlanders giving amount of time consume on bitlanders.

Its hard to increase buzz score but buzz score is not limited which means earnings are also not limited so keep informing friends and remember to use reffral link always .

mine is



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