Why Karzai refused Bilateral Security Agreement

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Though after the disagreement with the requisite President Karzai, the US indicated, it will move forward with their contingency plans, the key question however remains, as Karzai in ‘Loya Jirga (Grand Assembly)’ elucidated to include the peace process with Taliban and enumerated the particular issue to be amongst the conditions. In his statements he also made clear to President Barack Obama, ‘Signing the agreement would make ‘me’ responsible for Afghans killed in US bombs’, and refused to sign the BSA (Bilateral Security Agreement).


With the refusal of BSA (Bilateral Security Agreement), the withdrawal of both US and NATO troops has gained momentum, a complete orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan would risk the so-called ‘Democratic Government’ which by far is the only and most corrupt government in Afghanistan’s history, this risk would eventually lead to a power-vacuum indicating another civil war leading to a weak Kabul, however, this power vacuum is most likely to be filled by insurgents and yet again Kabul will fall to Taliban, the neighboring countries in this regard are more than interested to fringe benefit out of the plight.


Coming back towards the contingency planning of Obama Administration, with the elections almost weeks away, many of the Afghan presidential candidates have indicated they would sign the Bilateral Security Agreement, after all the US is one of the key stakeholders in the upcoming April elections which reminds me of a famous local quote,

‘Media, Politics and Corruption is all USAID funded in Kabul’

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