Why Lola Remedios is the Best Herbal Supplement for Flu, Cough & Colds Symptoms etc.

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Have you ever heard of Lola Remedios? If you are outside the Philippines then probably not, but if you are a local and you frequently have colds, flu, fever or just feel like your back and shoulders are heavy then Lola Remedios will be the best thing you ever bought at only P10 per sachet. Currently that's less than one-fourth of a US dollar!

This may sound like a commercial blog but no, I am not getting any remuneration from them for writing about the product. I just find it so helpful when I feel sick so do yourselves a favor and buy a sachet just to try it. Even if I don't get paid, I will promote this product. But of course I'm happier when paid. Haha. 


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I bought a box of it last year after trying a sachet and got 10 boxes of it earlier this year on top of my talent fee when I was hired to be a talent in one of their commercials! Woohooo! 

Let me tell you about Lola Remedios first. Oh wait, how about the product commercial that's shown on TV? ☺ It's in vernacular though.

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Basically what it's saying is Lola Remedios has/is the answer to the heavy body feeling or body aches etc because of it's all natural herbal ingredients. I don't know the exact translation of lamig in English. I can only describe it as above and also the feeling when you need to get a full body massage or like you're just not feeling well at all for some reason. I don't think there is a direct translation so I will just call it lamig in this entire article.



♠   What is Lola Remedios?   ♠

Etymologically speaking, Lola means grandmother in English and Remedios is a female Filipino name but it can also mean remedies. Remedyo is Filipino for remedy, taken from the Spanish word remedio, meaning cure/remedy.

Since the Philippines was a Spanish colony from 1521 to 1898, of course we will have Filipino words/dialects influenced by the Spanish language too. Filipino grandparents and mostly great grandparents usually have Spanish inspired first names. For grandmas there's Rosario, Mercedes, Maria Elena, Concepcion etc., so the name Remedios is definitely not far off to be used. 


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The brand name Lola Remedios then aptly matches what the product is for because like our grandmothers they always tell us to eat or drink such and such or do stuff we wouldn't normally think of because they care about us. They usually know more about the good old and superstitious ways than what we technologically inclined people do.

Lola Remedios is not a medicine for any sickness, it has no approved therapeutic claims but it is effective in preventing full blown sicknesses like flu, cough and colds, headaches and body aches.

Take a look at it's five all-natural ingredients and tell me if you want to drink it. Haha.

filipino_herbal_supplement(Photo credit via lolaremedios website)


The product is manufactured in Indonesia but is imported and distributed by Kino Consumer Philippines, Inc., which is the Philippine branch of the Indonesian company PT. Kino Indonesia Tbk. According to the employees of the company that talked about the product during my commercial stint at their office in Taguig, the company employees were the first guinea pigs in concocting the perfect taste of Lola Remedios to suit the Filipino palate. 

According to the Lola Remedios' website:

Lola Remedios® is a unique formulation inspired by our Lolas’ traditional remedies; but now blended in a convenient, ready-to drink sachet.

I have no confirmation if this is a uniquely Filipino invented drink created based on someone's grandparent's recipe but since it got perfected by Filipino taste buds and manufactured in Indonesia I will still say I am proud of this Filipino product. I don't think there is any product like this in the whole world but what do I know, I've never been outside the country. Hahaha.

Even Indians drink tea with some of the above ingredients as recipe. Watch this video below and make some tea instead if you don't have Lola Remedios. If Indians have this tea then I'm sure the people from India or maybe Pakistan too can attest to the effectivity of these herbs when combined together.

(Video credit: Eat East Indian via YouTube)



♠   My Testimonial on Its Effectivity   ♠

most_affordable_herbal_supplement_in_the_philippines(Photo credit via Pixabay)


How can I say it is effective? Well I've proven and tested it several times. I discovered this when I was still working double jobs. Who has time to go and have a massage when you're working two jobs right? Even if your shoulders and muscles are aching from tiredness you don't have the time to even go anywhere except to sleep and then go back to work. It's a tiring cycle just to earn money.

One time last year, my body was really feeling like I was gonna be sick. I truly felt like I had to go and have a full body massage or else I will go down with a sickness like flu or something. It was during those times when I saw Lola Remedios at the counter of the 7-Eleven convenience store near where I worked the night shift. I was not aware of what it was and have never seen any commercial of it. It was just 10 pesos so I bought it along with the things I bought. 

(Photo credit: Kino Consumer Philippines Inc. via lolaremedios)


Lo and behold, when I drank it at home, the heavy feeling in my body slowly disappeared! I am not a fan of menthol-y drinks but this one I will readily drink because it is sweet and makes you feel good afterwards. I felt so much better that I didn't need to go to any massage until I had the time to go to one!

Really I am thankful to Kino Consumer Philippines, Inc. for coming up with this product. It is really very helpful. It is not a cure-all or be-all but it helps ease the body aches and heaviness or what we call lamig. It is even more effective than apple cider plus honey drink. Maybe I am using the apple cider concoction wrong but perhaps it did it's part too so I got no complaints.

After doing everything I know, one drink of a sachet and I feel a whole lot better! This is the only reason I am writing a blog about Lola Remedios because I am finally able to finish this blog and more!

health_hack(Photo credit via Pixabay)


When I woke up this morning I had a headache out of nowhere. Probably because I was suddenly woken up by someone or maybe because the cold virus of my travel friend finally caught up to me. All throughout the day I tried everything I could to get rid of the headache without going back to sleep.

I closed my eyes and stared into the darkness of my hands and rolled my eyes to exercise it. I drank Yakult after my usual glass of water in the morning, but of course it didn't help my headache since it's for adding good bacteria in the stomach.

remedy_when_feeling_sick(Photo credit Joel Kramer via Flickr)


And then I used the neti pot again to clear my nasal passages because my nose felt really tight and stuffy like I was gonna have colds soon. It's been a year since I did it I think so it was finally time to do it again (I guess). My sinuses felt better afterwards but my headache remained. What else should I do, right?

Well I did a lot of things actually. I massaged my temples, I took a bath, I even pressed the pressure point between the fleshy part of my thumb and index finger, I pressed on the sour point under my eyes below the cheek bones, I grabbed at the hair on top of my head and pulled several times and such, I even drank apple cider and honey in warm water like I mentioned but it's all to no avail! I was losing hope and felt like I would spend the whole day in bed sleeping instead of being able to work online when I remembered something.

benefits_of_natural_supplement(Photo credit: Mishio via Flickr)


Oh hey, I have boxes of Lola Remedios stored in a cabinet that I got last year from my commercial stint. Heck might as well drink a sachet again right? I already tried everything and nothing was working so drinking a sachet wouldn't hurt. After I did, I noticed while I was having a hard time writing my travel blog I suddenly felt a whole lot better in just a few minutes! You wouldn't be reading this blog now if I hadn't drunk it. 

Before I drank it I was working on my travel related blog but couldn't really concentrate and stare at the computer screen for so long. Sorry to my travel blog because right after I drank Lola Remedios, I finally felt better enough to work online with no problem! Hurray! So of course I prioritized this blog over my travel blog. Hah! Health is Wealth you know.

alternative_health_medicine(Photo credit via Pixabay)


So if you're feeling sick, or feel like you're going to be sick, drink Lola Remedios or that herbal tea remedy in the video above and you'll feel a whole lot better in the end! Of course please do not abuse your body. It is not a cure-all but it can help us when we need it. It's still better to rest well and take care of your health. :) Sleep when it is time to sleep. Don't be like me who is not sleeping even if I am super sleepy. Hahaha.




♠    Where to Find Lola Remedios    ♠

If you're wondering where to buy it well don't fret because it is easy to find. Why it's locally readily available almost everywhere! Check the image below. 


(Screencap credit: Kino Consumer Philippines Inc. via lolaremedios)


In case you don't have it anywhere near you well hey drink some tea based on the video up there or buy some of these. Don't have anywhere to buy it? Well then contact me and I will send you some. You can pay me via Paypal or Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency. I will need to check on the shipping fee to your country/location too so just let me know. 

You can reach me on my Facebook selling account if you want to buy some from me. Or just contact the official Facebook Page of Lola Remedios but I don't think they sell internationally yet. Maybe I will sell some on ShopeePH eh? But this is locally easily available so you shouldn't have any problem buying some here in the Philippines.

Remember, health is wealth so drinking herbal supplements from time time can be good for us. ☺



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