Why Not Be Rich and Be Happy At the Same Time?

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"I'd rather be poor and happy!”

We were having coffee with my friend  when he blurted out these words.

"What made you say that?” I asked.

He explained, "My Uncle is so rich. He's a mega-millionaire. He's got four wives too. But all his kids are fighting over his properties. Their family reunions happen at the courthouse. No one is talking to each other.”

"So sad,” I said.

He nodded. "In his old age, my Uncle is very sick. And very bitter. He's paralyzed from waist down. He's so rich, he can ride his private jet to any part of the world. But he can't even leave his wheelchair. Man, I don't want to be like him. I'd rather be poor and be happy than rich and miserable!”

"I totally agree with you,” I told Him, "I wouldn't want to be like your Uncle.” I paused a bit and asked him, "But tell me, is it also possible to be rich and be happy at the same time?”

He shrugged, "I don't know. I guess so.”

I then told him my story.

"I'm an incredibly happy person. I've been serving God for 30 years now. I've got a great marriage. I've got a fantastic relationship with my kids. And well, I'm a millionaire too.”

For a moment, he looked at me. He finally asked, "Can anyone become like you? Or are you a fluke of nature?”

"Anyone can be a happy millionaire. But, first, you have to choose to be one.”


Choose Happy Wealth Now


Friend, I long believed that happiness is a choice.

You decide if you want be happy or not.

Your happiness doesn't depend on your circumstances.

Because happiness is an inner decision.

But very soon, that inner decision will affect your outer circumstances.

But hear me out: I believe wealth is also a choice.

It's a decision that you have to make.

And it's a decision that God leaves up to us.

If you choose to be a Happy Millionaire, then the answer lies in acquiring a set of specific habits. To be exact, eight of them.

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