Why Only a Day?

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If you’ve got 365 days,
Why do we have only one day?
Why don’t you greet us every day, saying
“Happy women’s day!”
Don’t decorate us for just a day
You don’t need to say it annually,
“Today is your day, today is your time!”
“Happy women’s day!”
If you really consider me, make every day my day!
I know who I am,
And I am proud enough to cheer my own existence
I have already been framed
With the beauty of my nature,
With the crown of my soul
Yes! This is my own way!
You degrade us,
Making us feel inferior,
And then on the 8th of March,
You say, it’s our day, our holiday!
“Happy women’s day!”
Make this day every day
Respect me for who I am
I am not a weak symbol
I know who to be, how to stay strong
A hope lies down in my eyes:
That one day everybody will greet me as equal
Every day!
That is what I always pray….
Happy women’s day!

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