Why our new generation is been spoiled??????

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Today I m writing on a topic which is faced by our new generation,,,

Reasons of been spoiled:-

Children are not giving time to their studies so they are spoiling their future.

Children don’t sleep at night their health is disturbed.

By using social media like face book, twitter and many more social sites they are making new friends and wasting their time on that.

They don’t obey their parents.

They give more time to their social activity instead of their studies.

They don’t give time to Prayers and Quran Pak.

They think they are doing right with their future but in reality they are not.

They are using cell phones and social sites to make money.

They are using cell phones, personal pictures, personal emails or personal messages to spoil some one life.

A way to get rare of it:-

First of all they should obey their parents.

Give time to their studies.

Don’t give too much time to social sites or cell phone.

Give time to the sunhat of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H).

Offend five time prayers and read Quran Pak daily and also understand its meaning their life would be perfect if they follow the instructions is given in Quran Pak.

Don’t spoil someone’s life because if they do that with others defiantly it will also come in front of them in their future.

Allah is very mercy full but if the person is not obeying the instructions given in Quran so he will be responsible of his actions.

So it’s my request to all of persons in this world kindly pay importance on these issues and please prays for others to choose the correct life style.

Thanks for reading and please pay some importance on this, Cause if one is changed then other will also change,,,


Mahnoor raja

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