Why Parents Should Be Our Best Friends.

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Since we have born in to this world, our parents are the first personalities we will see and their love will be our first love. They are the ones who give encouragement to stand on our feet at nursery stage of our life. They feed us, they take care of us, they always be with us when others turn to oppose us, they absorb every hard times and give us happiness, they take us to the school, they spend every penny to give better education to us, they treat us part of their life, they teach us how to behave in out of the house, they never left us when we are disabled like others do as our girlfriend or wife may leave us, etc.

During this time, they tend to getting old. So our responsibility to take care of them when they are getting old and they have no other alternatives other than us. So always talk to them and try to be with friends and do whatever you can do to make them happy.

What is yours? Do you Love your parents?

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