Why People think writing a blog is so difficult?

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Many people on filmannex and outside of it thinks that the most difficult thing is to write a blog but I disagree with them. No doubt writing is an art and it can be learned with the time but you need to at least give it a try. There's a famous quote that "Practice makes man Perfect", same thing applies to writing. You will not be able to write a perfect article in the first attempt but your writing skills will improve on the second attempt and so on. 

Writing is a view of our thoughts and feelings that we observe from people and every day life around us. In school, a teacher helps kids to write an essay on topics like My school, My country or My Teacher. If we read the essay written by a grade 1 student we will surely laugh but child written it according to his level of thought and wisdom. Similarly with age his writing skills will improve greatly. Every mature and educated person can convert his thoughts into a written form. The common example of writing of an average human is a letter that he writes to his beloved or his friend, or an application for a job or for a scholarship.


Many people hesitate to write in English because of grammar and spelling mistakes but anyone in this modern world can express his feelings by writing in his mother or national language. Many people have a hobby of writing a diary. People writes important moments of their life in their personal diary for their personal memory. Blog writing is similar, the only difference is that blog will be accessible by lots of people and diary will be read by yourself or by your close friends. You just need to get rid of your fear about what people will say about your written views.

Many people have different views of differnt things. People wants to know how you think about your society, nature, culture etc. For example, a person thinks that a best way to get energy is from water and he writes a book on it giving explanation of his views. But other person thinks that the best way to get energy is through sun (solar) but he's afraid of writing his views in the form of a book which means people will not be able to know his concept.

So get rid of your fear and start writing. First, write in your own language and then try to write in English. When you will sit to write something, ideas will flow in your mind automatically. I am sure that one day you will be one of the good bloggers of the filmannex.


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