why safety is so much important at work place? safety series. part1

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Hello i am going to start series of articles on health and safety topics. As i have done many courses related to health and safety field. hope you all will enjoy and it also increases my knowledge and experience as well. so as from title of the article we are going to study why safety of workers or the individuals who work in the workplace is so much important.

First of all safety keeps the people away from accident and they remain healthful. if proper safety standards are applied then the workers of a particular work field also do their work with more confidence and the net output is fruitful for the company. if the priority is given to the safety in a particular company then the more workers will join that company. company will get positive reviews from critics.

in health and safety you can pay now or pay later. if the accidents happens then it will become too much costly for a company for fulfilling cost of injured workers , insurance costs. lack of injured worker at workplace. decreased reputation of a company. its smart to pay for safety and health before the accident occurs. it will increase the positive reputation of a company.

so we can say that safety is smart business.

Hope you enjoyed this article.

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