Why Should Onions Make Us Weep?

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For many people, slicing a uncooked onion is not any big deal , however for other people, it causes a stinging response that leads to tears and gentle uneasiness. Enzymes in the onion that discharge a pungent gas whenever you cut into it, so when the gas comes into get in touch with with your eyes, it forms sulfuric acid , that may be the cause of that telltale stinging feeling.

Fortunately, onions are the only kind of vegetable that result in this crying effect, due to their particular sulfur substances. Many people have little to no response to sulfuric acidity, while some have a more effective level of responsiveness. And while many people discover that wearing contact lenses decreases their onion-related tears, other people might find it creates no major difference.

To reduce onion-triggered weepiness, some people suggests frozen condition or chilling onions before cutting all of them up. If onions make you tear up too much, think about wearing eye safeguard whenever you cut them.

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