Why There Are So Many Law And Order Marathons

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Did you happen to notice about every other day there is a Law and Order marathon? There's one going on right now. There was one yesterday. They always have these horrible themes like 'legal affairs' or 'cold justice' which make no sense and don't relate to the episodes at all. There are plenty to choose from and they must always get great ratings.

So why exactly are there so many of them and why do people keep flocking back to them? What's the science behind coupling up dozens of these episodes in a giant block and why do people keep watching them even though they're repeats?

I think I figured it out. BuzzFeed gave it a satiric approach, but I think it's more social science.

I think this show is one of the only programs left out there that offer both comfort and a sense of "Hell Yeah" similar to watching wrestling.

It's been around for more than 12 years and mostly every episode ends in complete closure. The characters are just close enough with the audience where you know them, but you can't really connect or care about them on a personal level. You're just familiar with them.

That way you keep watching for the familiarity; you know what you're getting into and you love it. It's different just enough every time, but the same. It's brilliant.

You aren't taking any risks watching this show. Does this mean its good or bad? No. It just means its safe. Its a winning formula that has been working for over a decade. Only a handful of shows have nailed that.

And even while writing this article there will be another marathon on Labor Day. The Law and Order Labor Day Marathon. Proves my point just a bit. I'm sure ratings will be epic for labor day.

I've been watching it for the past couple of hours and I almost hate myself for it. I've been working and multitasking, but still I feel almost gullible watching this over and over.

And the sad truth is I won't stop. I would ask if you ever got caught watching a bunch, but I think we both know the answer is yes. So I'll ask instead how many have you watched in a row?

This would also be a poor time to mention they're all on Netflix.

You know - if you ever want to be a hermit.



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