Why we need to understand Personal Finance

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There are other money mistakes that may not be as glaring but are definitely just as costly.Some of these mistakes include our bad spending habits that are basically driven ny our desire for immediate gratification .

From active and primary income, we buy things we don't need, and worse, things we cannot really afford, by using our credit cards because we want to enjoy the benefits immediately.

Maybe you have committed one or two ( or even more ) of the mistakes. You need not worry . No matter how many mistakes you have commited in the past there is still hope. You can still attain financial freedom. But you have to start to learn personal finance now. You have to start your journey now.

Huwag mabahala sa mga nakaraang pagkakamali , Mag-umpisa ulit ngayon ! Kaya natin ito ! 

★ Everyone makes money mistakes but one must learn from those mistakes.

★ Always make sure that you understand exactly how earnings will be produced by the business you are investing in.It is not prudent for you to put out money just because a trusted friend says so.

★ You need to have a personal financial plan.

★ You must seek professional and expert advice when necessary.


Ok friends hope it helps ...I know you can do it !  ^_^

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