Why women?

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Why women.?

today i am writing on women . I am surprised , that in the whole world why  women are not considered save .  and its true not only in muslims countries we see also this in the worlds counties. but i want to know why ??




why women are not save , in the past we heared many news one husband killed her wife , men always did torture to their women,

people talked on this issues and become silent but they have  searched no way to save women


today i am telling you the solution that is women should not keep silent , once she knew that she is being tortured then she should left them .... but is is not an easy sometimes ,, but it will save them she should join the women walfare centers ,,, and many  others ....it  is better than to  lost her organ  such as some times men cut their nose , then she will not enable to marry again that is cruelity  and ignorance..

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