Why Worrying Doesn't Help

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Everyone has the tendency to worry.


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When life is giving us challenges and problems, we tend to get easily worried about how we can overcome those challenges. Some may even worry about what to eat on their next meal or perhaps on where to find the next coin they could use to sustain their lives, specially those who are their family's breadwinners.

It is such a common feeling and an instant reaction given our every situation in life. Since we begun to think and decide to ourselves, we also had developed the attitude of worrying.

It may sound negative and we would perhaps think that although we are enthusiastic about life, it won't be avoided that we think too much.


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We think to much up to the point of desperation. We overthink things which sometimes lead to more serious issues and even to the point of suicidal.

What is worrying?

to feel or experience concern or anxiety - www.merriam-webster.com

You might not notice it but there might be certain occasion when you think you are fine but deep inside, you have been anxious and worrisome about certain things in your life.


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Everyone does but what is the truth about this common reaction we give to everyday's life challenges as Christians ourselves?

1. Worry is a sin of being disobedient.

Perhaps this is one thing that each believer tend to easily forget. God had commanded us that we should not worry.


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The passage in the book of Philippians chapter 4 verses 6-7 states:

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

Therefore, when we start to worry like we don't have any chances or whatsoever, we are somehow disobeyong God's commands.

2. Worry can destroy our identity.


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There's a huge difference between a believer and the non believers of Christ. It can be obviously seen from the way we react to our issues in life. Those who are real believers normally has the tendency to trust and hope in the Lord when these issues arise.

The non believers however, has the tendency of losing hope in the process. They easily feel burdened and stressed. They curse the world together with everything on it to the extent of suicidal thoughts.

It is easily identified then if one has hope or not, it shows with their attitude when given trials.

3. Lead us to be unfocussed to the promise of God.


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One of the promises of God is an abundant life. While one true Christian will seek for that, there are hindrances to focusing to what God's ultimate plan is for us. Worrying is one hard hindrance and it will divert the attention of a believer from the true promise.

Always fix our eyes to the hope and the center of all, Jesus. Worrying won't resolve any problem. This is very important, as without focus, one can stumble and fall short.

4. Affects our physical, emotional & mental.

If there's one best reason why we shouldn't worry, that's because it is degrading. It degrades our physical, emotional and mental health. There are research and studies of cases of severe worrying that led to different worst cases.


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So when life gives us these problems, do not think of it that much. Overthinking kills the spirit in us that's why always think of the happy thoughts. Look at the brighter side of the coin. There are more things to be thankful for and worrying won't help you out of it.

Action is required so the physical aspect of our lives won't stumble. Pray for emotional strength as well as the spiritual aspect. For the mental, instead of worrying, think of the actions and solutions.

Reasons Not to Worry

1. God will provide and He is generous.

He is our Jehovah Jireh. He provides. It may take a man hard work to provide for himself but God is the owner of the universe. The dictator of when the sun and moon should rise and set. He holds the earth in His hands and tells when the rain should drop. He is the maker of everything and if you come to think of it, you know for a fact that he can do everything.


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Providing food is as tiny as a mustard seed for Him. Of course with man, that would mean a lot of things to do to gain amount of money to buy a piece of bread but that is nothing compared to His power.

2. We are worthy than all things on Earth and we are God's priority.

Truly, out of all creations, human can be considered God's most precious. Back in the book of Genesis, we can find that when God created Adam, He was pleased and had placed Adam in charge of all the creation in the garden of Eden.


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Just thinking about that makes me think that of all other creation, why did the Creator made man in charge of all? That only goes to show that man is indeed special to God that even after Adam had sinned against God, He showed compassion and made a way for man to be reconciled with Him.

3. We are able to do something for our selves and everyday is an opportunity.

Again, worrying won't definitely solve our problem. It is like a walking or running in a rat wheel, it's infinite without giving solutions to your problems.

Remember that when you began to think of one thing over and over again, remind yourself that thinking alone won't resolve the problem. Action does! Everyone of us has the ability to do something.


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So if you have a problem with money, work for it and earn so you can have a portion to pay for your needs. If it is an issue with grades, of course one needs to study, do your home work and pass that exam! It requires action and decisiveness to get things done and achieve whatever you want in life.

Whenever we think of our problems and we pray as well as find means with the guidance we ask from the One above, we are declaring certain these certain characteristics of our God:

God as our shepherd

He is able to protect and provide our needs. He can do everything and He is willing to do it. All we have to do is to have faith, that kind of faith that can move mountains.

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God is our Father

When we overcome this trial, we are also showing that we believe that God is our Father. A father in his right mind won't ever give his hungry son or daughter with stone. He will definitely give whatever is best for his son.

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Our God is way way better than that human father. He will provide what's best for us, He will keep us from the things that will harm us and He will definitely show us the right way to everything. He leads and He caresses us with whatever we want to pursue.

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