Why you should get car insurance

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This is my car, do you like it? I am sure you cannot really see the dent in my back door, the boot. the car was rear ended one day, by an uninsured P-plater. She said she had no money to have insurance.

If that is you, please do consider paying for one, even monthly. Negotiate, anything, I cannot stress how important it is to have Comprehensive insurance.

Here, in Adelaide, that dent cost almost $4800 to fix, my bumper had to be changed and the panel beaten out. Labor cost alone was $2000, and that was 'reasonable' for a 2 week work.

So if you are buying a car, new or old, I urge you to think about buying insurance, because saving that few hundred might mean you will be out of pocket a lot more, especially if you do hit a more expensive car =d

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