Why you should get enough sleep?

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Benefits of having enough sleep.

1. You get energized. 
     - When you got home from work, you are very exausted and tired. When you get enough sleep, your body get's recharge, refreshed.
2. It makes you feel better 
    - Adequately sleep is the key to healthy lifestyle and it can benefit to your heart, weight mind and etc.
3. Enhance memory
   - If your trying to learn something, or memorize something, getting enough sleep will help you perform better.
4. Anti Aging
   - If you want to have younger looking skin, get enough sleep everyday. Sleeping will make your skin rejuvenate so you will have younger looking skin
5. Prevent on having Acne
   - Many teenagers today have acne or pimples, because of lack of sleep. Getting enough sleep is the key to preventing those nasty pimple to pop out.
Those are my tips on why you should get enough sleep.
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