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Small game studios has been in the rise for the past couple of years, one man games like Celeste was even among the nominees for The Game of the Year title in 2018. Continuing that trend a game by about 10 people released recently, called Outward.

This is me trying to convince you to play this game, and support the developers, because I absolutely enjoy this game. So Here's why you should play Outward.


You are Nobody

rpgThe Starting Zone

Outward is a Role-Playing Game (RPG) set in a unforgiving fantasy world where the player starts as a shipwrecked sailor. In this game you are nothing special; you're not the dragonborn, nor the boy-who-lived, you're but a simple guy with a huge due debt to your clan.

This means you're not a hero on a journey; you're on a journey to become a hero. Due to the high difficulty of the game everything is hard to earn, when you finally earn something, it is so damn rewarding.


Amazing World


Conflux Mountain

This may be my bias, but I have to say this world is absolutely amazing. But it will be very hard to travel around though as there are no mounts or fast-travel; yes, you have to walk. This further amplifies the survival mechanics and the element of danger of the wilderness.

I have to say that the special locations in this world is absolutely amazing, from the Conflux Mountain to the Monsoon City, I thoroughly enjoyed almost every creative decision. On top of that this world has a more in-depth lore than I expected, which was a huge positive for me as an Elder Scrolls fan. Well, it is not as big as TES but it is certainly more than I expected from a game by ~10 devs.


Couch Co-op


The Hallowed March, near Monsoon City

Do you remember long ago we could play split screen multiplayer. Yeah Outward can do that too. I have to say this is my ideal version of multiplayer, because you're literally sitting on the same couch, no communications lags, no ping, no need for internet; it is simply amazing. Even PC version have this feature, but you will need some sort of a controller.

Playing Multiplayer can be handy in combat situations as if one gets down other can revive him/her. However somethings like dialogue doesn't exactly feel right, and the loot you get need to be shared. (this is a problem in the early game when you need to find the essentials to survive) But even with these hiccups, for me the game is more enjoyable when playing co-op.




An Alpha Coralhorn 

Well, for some this is a positive and to others its a turn off. I think that this game need to be challenging and I believe it is not unfairly difficult. Combat in this game is not the best, it can feel bit ridiculous in the early game. But when you learn the in's and out's of it and learn a couple of skills it is damn amazing.

Enemy AI is not the strong suite here but the design is. Every enemy I've seen so far is a unique concept.(except for the bandits, they are pretty normal) Also each of them has different attack patterns so you will need to find their weaknesses in order to succeed.

Also there is no quick save option, the game will auto save everything and you will have to live with your decisions.

If it is a real bad turn off for you, there is a mod on the Nexus that let you configure difficulty settings. Go give it a shot here, if it really necessary.



Trailer on the Steam page


Well if you're interested to play a game it is available here on steam.

But you have to be aware that this game has its flaws. The Character Creation is bad and there are still a lot of bugs. But I think these will be fixed in the future. And again I highly recommend you to try this game.

Disclaimer:- All the footage (Images/ Videos) in this blog are from the developers or various streamers.


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