Why You Should Use Bitlanders-1/10

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Previously called Film Annex, Bitlanders has given a chance to the internet users to share blogs and earn money easily. Bitlanders is a featured website where blogging is the main concern for those who are ambitious. But to attract more users and give the website a more user-free texture, the authorities has featured it with other fun features that let users spend more time on bitlanders. The website let us interact with other users in several ways than just posting mainstream blogs. Also there's other ways to share your work. Some of the exotic bitlanders-features OTHER THAN BLOGGING are:


The microblogs, as the name shows, are limited by words. They can be more like a status update just like other social-meadia sites. Except you get a chance to earn reward with these. You can improve your buzz score with microblogs if you get buzzed by other users. I'll explain the buzz feature later. But as for microblogs, they are short notes that can give the users a space to update their statuses without writing a whole blog about it. I mean who blogs about goodnight every night? But you can always microblog it here and if you have enough followers, you can get buzzes which will improve you ranking as well.


Bitlanders understand that sometimes you'd want to share a story within a photo but you might not want to write about it. So for those who has picture that according to them, are worth uploading can be placed in the gallery section of your profile. But againg this ain't going in vain. Just like microblogs, you can always get benefit of rewards, improved buzz score and rankings just by sharing a photo. They key is to get more buzzes out of it.


Like microblogs and photos, you can always upload videos to your movies section. You can upload original content or popular or whatever you like as long as it doesn't violate copyrights of anyone.


While another great and necessary feature is Bitlanders allow us to tag other users in comments, descriptions etc. This let the users interact more and increase the use of the website in general.

Online Chat:

Recently introduced online global chat has also got attention and has proved to be a good source of interaction and a general platform where all bitlander users can get to see and talk to more users and in short earn more followers, more buzzes, more coins.

This was my part one of why you should use bitlanders. Hope to see you guys soon with more features of bitlanders described in detail. Till then stay tuned, keep smiling and good luck. :)

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