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First of all i would really like to say hello to each and everyone of you in here... I am from Greece and new in bitlanders and i really believe that it's  a social site with future but i have some questions for you friends ( active users or not).

I don't wanna be mean but do you think there is a reason to be in a social site and interact with other users through puking stickers? Besides that, do you think there is any reason to comment words like "buzz me back" " buzzed" " subscribed" and other meaningless comments like that ... or even measure how many buzz have you done and inform the user that you buzzed? I think that sooner or later when you post original content with meaning and respect to others you will have the earnings that each and everyone of us wish but by pointing to others your actions ( buzz) in here is not the cool and gentle way for me...!!


 I would like to say i m sorry in advance if i upset some of you and hope you want take it the wrong way.. I respect everybody in here and i d love to interact with you ... no heart feelings :))


My best wishes to all my friends and followers 




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