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The Afghan University Students are browsing on information for providing a given presentation effectively and easily through Social Medias.  The process is consisting of some creative strategies as being stated.

a)      When a full book (8 chapters; 400 pages) given to a student for providing a presentation over the concepts of each chapter; that’s obviously clear for everyone that it’s a severing & extremely breaking news.

b)      The student must have an extreme wide coverage of capacity in briefing the concept of each chapter into small sized page of slides; despite it, observing some rules of key points as followed:


  1. Quality & qualified Information of the chapter, in this section follow this word: Credibility / Accuracy/ Relevancy/ Date/ Resource > (CARDS).
  2. Graphical Communications of the chapter.
  3. Solutions for problem solving of the chapter.


c)       While providing the presentation into slides follow the following steps in order that your presentation communicate the concepts effectively:


  1. 1.       Write clearly and shortly the concept.
  2. Use expectation pages in some parts.
  3. Do not use Underline and footnote at the bottom of the page.
  4. Use the color of the slides according to the purpose, not as a decoration.
  5. Use only key points as short words.
  6. No grammar or spelling errors.
  7. Use Pictures.


And that’s it; briefing could be an image of an improved mind that shows how it is covered of empowerments.


Written By: Shoaib Barakzai

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