Will grave draw and ending for my dreams?

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When I borned and came to this world like the other babies I also had no wish nor dream except of my mother care and responding for my crying by my mother, step by step by the time being when I became big and bigger my wishes and dreams  improved as well with my age . by the age of 4 to 8 years I found the quit divergent dreams ; at this period of childhood life most of the children have the same wishes like me .


The main wish at this age is to have the same toys as the relatives children no other wish. This period of my life also has gone and I put my steps to adolescence age . I my self also like the other youngster had the same wishes of having best cloths , best style and best fashion beside my school lessons. In addition to these wishes and dreams I was studying hard and getting readiness for university and this was my basic and the biggest wish of my whole life even from the childhood time , at the childhood when my big brother had been going to university I thought by my self that will the day come or will I got the day that I also could go to university ; this wish slow slow reversed as the basic dream of my whole life.


By the time going and hard studying I could succeed at the conquer examination and I got the admission for journalism faculty of Kabul university , coming to university especially Kabul university made me another man , I had mentally improved my idea my ration, my thoughts, and finally my personality  by by the environment of Kabul university. Kabul university was the place that quitly changed my personality.


 beside these the Kabul university played a key role for improving and empowerment my dreams to the reality and truth. Beside these by being in this place despite many of my wishes completed , this place also caused to be create many more dreams . to have a good job , to serve for the mankind , to choice a life partner, to have a good salary , to have a personal house and many others was the wishes wish was created by the university in my mind


By the finishing university many of these wishes are completed of is now getting completed and most of these are still remain as my wishes. Getting my master in any foreign country is another wish that still is remained as the whole dream of my life . at last I don’t  know when these dreams will finish or will the grave draw an ending for my dreams? This is the question that by the time and joining to the permanent world will be answered.     


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