Will You Donate Your Hair for a Cause?

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I watched the television segment “Wish Ko Lang” on GMA network sometime ago, although I am obviously a kapamilya, about some people in Batangas and Cavite who were donating their hair to help cancer patients in Luzon. I thought to myself that this kind of charitable work, though humble in its way, was already remarkable.

The Act of Giving

This simple act of giving to make the needy happy is noble in its own right. This is in the same spirit with the widely publicized “Share a Smile Campaign” you can see on Facebook and YouTube. Although the action has a short-term effect, somehow making people smile gives them a little hope for the future.

When you donate your hair for women with cancer, in effect you extend the life of one person. Why? Because you make her happy. As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. Even though you don’t make a patient laugh, somehow you make her happy. Keep in mind that happy and positive thoughts are a pillar of health.

How to Donate Your Hair?

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Easy. There are many websites accepting hair donation just as long as you meet the requirements. First, the minimum hair length required for donation is 12 inches. Second, hair quality is important, that is, how the hair is cut and packaged for delivery. Also, ensure comfort when cutting your hair by going to a salon.

Caution: To make sure your effort does not go to waste, you should find the right place to donate your hair. Perform due diligence on this regard to ensure you hair reaches the intended recipient, not the wrong hands. Don’t allow your hair to be used by others to make money for their own benefit. As you know, you can sell your hair for cash too.

How about you? Would you allow your fashionable hair to be cut if needed and donate it for a worthy cause?

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