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The first winter social media training courses held in Saturday twenty eighth of December of 2013 in Ghoharshad High School of Heart. The courses will be held in three months, every course is for one hour every day. up to now 254 students are registered to the program that are including the students of school and university students who graduated from this school.

The sixty minutes studying period of social media class is divided to forty minutes teaching, ten minutes practice and ten minutes blog writing. The program will help them to get the exact target of the program. The students welcomed the program for the first day that is prepared for them by Citadel Company.

Every class is for forty four students, but for the first day, some of them were not present in the class regularly, and got necessary advices about the time and presence in the class.

The first session is held to introduce preliminary computer to them, they started necessary trainings of windows, disk top screen, task bar, start Minue, and other necessary arrangements in screen. The program is going on in six times. The students blogs are getting better and better that are checked by the teacher.

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Ghouharshad High School is established in 1340 at the time of Zahir Shah in the middle of Herat city. The school is including 54 classes, 254 teachers, and about ten thousands of students who are studying in different shifts. Afghan Citadel Software Company equipped the school with an IT Class…

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